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Legend has it that Brainbox Candy was born from a wise old oak tree in the middle of an enchanted
forest. Making their ink from tears that were harvested from watching sad films and listening to 80’s ballads
and then mixed with the juice squeezed from a rainbow to make them coloury. This combined with an
almost deranged sense of humour, provided a winning formula ensuring our stuff is released to the world
to the sound of 6000 trumpets.

Brainbox Candy is actually an anagram of Wonkdahillydahonk, which is a oldy worldy spiritual word
meaning ‘Well funny cards and that’. Our magic factory is run by a talented team of otters who draw, knit
and stitch day and night. They take it in turns to tell each other jokes until the best ones cause hysterical
mayhem thus producing the delights you see before you. All of the above is true except for the trumpets,
it's more like 5800.


mark.jpg ben.jpg gavin.jpg
jenny.jpg dennis.jpg toni.jpg
3degeese.jpg ken.jpg juan.jpg
peter.jpg mungo.jpg simon.jpg




DETAILS: We're looking for a talented and enthusiastic individual to maintain and service our 'Electric Donkey Bottom Spanking Machine'. Previous experience is not necessary although a willingness to learn is a must.

HOURS: Flexible like Jenny in admin. Loose like Juan.

SALARY: Negotiable. Holiday and 'special gloves' included.

PERKS: Free biscuits every friday.


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